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Tenants began with two brothers Ryan and Grant Logan. The two learned to play and write music together at a young age and quickly began playing shows and recording regularly. After relocating to Portland, OR from Sacramento, CA, the two worked to become apart of the scene in the Pacific Northwest.


After writing, releasing and playing music with the group Holidae House from 2014-2020, they then transitioned to release their own LP as Tenants with the help of a new guitarist Nate Martin and their producer/engineer Gerhard Joost.


Drawing from the likes of Pink Floyd, and more contemporary artists such as My Morning Jacket and Tame Impala, Tenants creates a mesmerizing sound that aims to uplift the listener. While their upcoming record demonstrates a crisp and refined sound worthy of the modern era, their live shows exhibit the rawness and energy of the classics. Tenants is set to release their full length LP in March of 2022. 

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